If you happen to be a woman looking for another woman either for companionship, romance, or love, you surely know how hard it is to find the perfect one for you out there.

Many women would never want to go through the embarrassment this can cause. They don’t feel comfortable with their family, friends, and colleague making judgments or messing with their personal lives. This is why the most obvious option for these women is none other than lesbian dating websites.

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#1 PinkCupid

Topping the list of the best lesbian dating websites is none other than PinkCupid.com, and this is not really a big surprise. PinkCupid is where you can find an amazing selection of the most gorgeous lesbian singles out there. As a premier lesbian dating platform, PinkCupid has been specially made for users to meet the perfect women they have been searching for. The website boasts of a long list of helpful features, such as the different search and communication options that are not just useful but also give the portal an edge over its competitors. The website is well-designed and eye-catching so you can easily navigate around it. You can expect for the best features expected of a top dating website tailor made especially for lesbian users.

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#2 LesbianRomance

LesbianRomance.com is a lesbian dating website where you can meet beautiful lesbian women like yourself who are also searching for the perfect woman who will complete their lives and make it more exciting. The lesbian members of the platform are all guaranteed 100% real as every member goes through a verification process of their legitimacy conducted by the in-house staff of the portal. The main goal of LesbianRomance.com is to make it easier and more convenient for you to find real women who will capture your attention and keep you interested for a long time. If you are really serious about finding the love of your life, LesbianRomance.com is bound to make it happen. They make it possible by the special set of features and tools made especially to help you out.

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#3 GirlfriendsMeet

What makes GirlfriendsMeet.com different from other dating websites is that this provides an online community where like-minded women can meet and talk to each other. The website wouldn’t force or trick you to pay a monthly fee or upgrade your profile just so you can have fun with other women. The website it also not ask you intimate questions regarding your personal preferences in the guise of helping you find your perfect match. Instead, it gives you the right tools and options that you can use to your advantage and ensure a successful online dating. Signing up with the website is also very easy so you can look forward to getting started with using it right away and share your experiences and interests in a fun and safe manner.

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#4 EliteSingles

EliteSingles is one of the top dating websites that are dedicated to helping busy professionals find the love of their lives in spite of their hectic schedules. The website is mainly composed of professional singles that have exemplary educational backgrounds. The main focus of EliteSingles is to match its members on a much deeper level through conducting personality evaluations as well as using the website’s intelligent algorithm. EliteSingles is committed to ensuring that all of is members will meet their most compatible matches and nothing less while having a secure and fun online dating experience from beginning to end. The unique matching system of the site helps its lesbian members find their ideal matches easily without facing any difficulties during the process.

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#5 PinkSofa

PinkSofa.com is set to live up to its name’s promise through creating a welcoming and safe online dating community tailor made for women who also love women. The portal follows a do it yourself approach when it comes to finding your date. You have the power when it comes to finding your own match that can be done with the use of the site’s advanced search tools to help you find other users that fit your personal preferences. The website is also filled with the usual features of any dating site such as instant messaging and sending smiles to show interest to facilitate a deeper conversation. To top it all, the site is also rich with social networking features such as the chance to add others as friends and status feeds.

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#6 GayGirlNet

GayGirlNet.com is a lesbian dating website and social network at the same time that makes it the perfect place to check out if you are searching for your ideal match. The website boasts of hundreds of thousands of members and is fully packed with exciting features to make your dating experience a wonderful one. Whether you are looking for other women around your area or women from other parts of the world for that matter, you can expect the website to help you with exactly just that. You can also join in polls, discuss different subjects in the website forum, watch videos, read articles, or just listen to music. There is also an instant messenger feature so you can chat with both video and audio for you to know the perfect better before you meet face to face.

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#7 LDate

LDate.com is made for women who wish to date other women. This is a welcoming and popular online community for lesbians where ladies can meet and communicate with new friends. The website is composed of members who are searching for romance and companionship. Being a dating website for lesbians, you can be sure that it is strictly made for women alone and men are not allowed here. LDate provides a great place where bisexual women and lesbians more than 18 years old to meet. The main idea behind the site is to help all lesbian singles in finding lifelong partnerships and long term relationships. The website’s scope goes beyond the usual dating website. Some of its features include news for members to stay informed of things related to the community.

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#8 OneScene

OneScene.com is launched back in 2003 and since then, it has been a popular online dating platform made especially for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and the whole transgender community. The website offers a supportive platform for people who want to find new friends, engage in social networking and casual dating, or find true love. If you belong to the lesbian community, OneScene is among your top options as this can help you in finding that person who can complete your boring and dull life. The clean interface of the website makes it an exciting place to be not to mention that using it is also very easy.

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