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Coming out of the closet and announcing your sexual preference to the whole world takes lots of courage. For so many years, lesbians have suffered because not everyone is open to the idea of homosexual relationships.

However, the world has now moved forward as people now understand that everyone is free to choose their preferred sexual partners without being judged or questioned for it. As lesbians today have more freedom, lesbian dating websites have also come to life. Among these websites is EliteSingles.com that now has its exclusive lesbian dating service.

Elite Singles


Premium Light

  • $89.95 good for 1 month
  • $54.95 good for 3 months
  • $39.95 good for 6 months
  • $24.95 good for 12 months

Premium Plus

  • $119.95 good for 1 month
  • $69.95 good for 3 months
  • $59.95 good for 6 months
  • $39.95 good for 12 months


Elite Singles provides a very interesting plethora of features that improve user experience to make lesbian dating so much easier and more efficient. Some of its notable features include the following:

  1. Profile picture – The profile pictures can go a long way in gauging how many members are going to express interest. Your profile picture is more effective as compared to plain and simple texts.
  2. Photo request – Elite Singles sends its members searching for love at least 3 to 7 compatible matches per day. The best thing about having someone showing her interest in you is that you can see the photos of that person. Users can also ask for photos from possible matches and determine whether to follow up or not.
  3. Have you met? – This is a feature that lets members look for profiles of other users on the site.
  4. Message read receipts – It is a feature that lets users receive notifications every time sent messages are read.

Editor’s Verdict

Elite Singles provides a one of a kind LGBT dating experience that you can never find on other LGBT dating websites. The success of the website and its impressive ratings has been based on many success stories. The website also has its special personality determination system that can go a long way when it comes to matching lesbians with the same interests, likes, and traits.

For the longest time, Elite Singles has been known for its policy that also extends to its LGBT dating service. The site only welcomes those people who are serious in their search for long term relationships. It is very different from the usual trends in the industry where short term encounters and casual hookups have become a staple.

All the data of the users such as login information, payment details, profiles, and passwords are secure and safe.

Unfortunately, not everyone will appreciate using Elite Singles, especially those who don’t really like commitments. The site’s prerequisite personality test is also lengthy that can be a turnoff to other people.

So far, Elite Singles is a good and decent enough lesbian dating website but it can still use some further improvements along the way.